We can provide the following services

Maintenance Coordination

  • Ensure in conjunction with the operators that Maintenance Manuals and Flight Manuals are kept up to date.
  • Continuous review of maintenance-related legislation to ensure appropriate action is taken as per Manual amendment procedures.
  • Regular liaison with sub-contractors to enhance turn around time on any repairs.
  • Monitor transfer process of components removed to repair stations.
  • Ensure in conjunctions with the operators that the helicopter fleet meets regulatory requirements according to the Minimum Equipment List per helicopter type.
  • Issue Technical Directives to Maintenance Providers on the maintenance required and finalise applicable maintenance documentation on completion thereof.
  • Update helicopter fleet logbooks based on flying activities and coordinate / report all defects to the maintenance provider.
  • Ensure retention of all maintenance documentation in accordance with CAA/Manufacturer requirements.
  • Liaise with Maintenance Contractor to ensure that all information contained in Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins, Service Letters and similar documents are assessed and complied with.
  • Maintain a current subscription of Airworthiness Directives per helicopter type to ensure timely receipt thereof.

Cost Analysis

We provide maintenance inputs required during budgetary exercises.


EC Aviation also offers additional services including the following:

  • Certificate of Airworthiness Applications
  • Import or Export Certificate of Airworthiness Applications
  • Ensure reportable accident/incident/defect procedures to CAA are followed.
  • Ensure Annual Reports are completed.

Forecasting and Planning

We offer additional services to the operator to outsource certain services such as:

  • Maintain planning and record systems to monitor all aircraft hours, life components, special requirement inspections as required.
  • Update the status of aircraft after any maintenance activities.
  • Provide short and medium period maintenance forecasting to complement the operational availability of the fleet.
  • Ensure the availability of future component/spare part requirements to reduce aircraft downtime.
  • Assist with any technical queries relating to the aircraft we maintain.


We make use of online systems to ensure operators always have access to maintenance data and, if requested, the necessary component and inspection tracking.